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Professional Children’s book Illustrator, dabbling writer and imaginator.

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Joseph is an illustrator of every genre of book imaginable, from children’s Picture books, Graphic Novels, Young Fiction and Poetry, to Educational textbooks and adult fiction. I am credited in over 16 published books and comics.

Coming from a background of studying animation at university, as well as having a passion for cinema and growing up as a lover of comic books, he feels that this strongly comes out in his illustration, in the movement and dynamism that he translates into his work.

Now, when he is not illustrating books, he teaches the skills and crafts that he has learnt over the years in primary school, secondary school and further education. Joseph has a passion for his subject and injects masses of enthusiasm into his teaching with a very hands-on approach to creating art and design, aimed at encouraging students to explore new skills, build confidence and get creative.

His workshops can be structured to fit any requirements the school or party may have, taking into account relevant curriculum areas, embedding Maths, English, ICT and Equality and Diversity. Joseph will happily tailor his workshops to account for a wide range of age groups and abilities levels.

From Joseph’s visit, Students will learn all that goes into the book publishing process and what it means to be an illustrator, learning the importance of books and illustration.

They will take part in group activities where Joseph will demonstrate his character design techniques, as they watch characters they describe and create, come to life on the drawing board as Joseph draws live.

Available for workshops, in Schools, Libraries and other literary events. Book Joseph via Authors Abroad.

To make an enquiry about Joseph, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

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